Cradle-ALP Wokshops
Cradle-ALP Wokshops © Alpine Space Programme

Project Cradle-ALP & polymer-based composites

Crafting a circular roadmap for composites – invitation to workshops


This series of three virtual workshops organised in the frame of the Cradle-ALP project (Cradle to cradle, circular design and circular substitutions for linear products in industrial manufacturing processes in the Alpine Space) welcomes enterprises, academics, and public stakeholders from the composites industry to delve into crucial issues and drivers shaping the future of the industry in the Alpine region. The objective: to set up a Transformation Roadmap for the composites industry to reduce landfill disposal of composites to 10 % of total waste by 2035, aligning with the EU Landfill Directive.

Sujet EEN Matchmaking at JEC World 2024
EEN Matchmaking at JEC World 2024 © iStock/PragasitLalao

EEN Matchmaking Platform at JEC World 2024

Registration is open now


The JEC World 2024 is the best place for the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology in the field of composites. The Matchmaking Event of the Enterprise European Network (EEN) brings together companies (buyers as well as suppliers), researchers, start-ups and clusters from a large number of European countries. This is a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts. The participation in the EEN Matchmaking event ist free of charge.

3rd ELN Conference Executive Report
3rd ELN Conference Executive Report © European Lightweighting Network

3rd ELN Conference Stockholm 8-9 June 2023


The overall goal of the European Lightweighting Network (ELN) is to contribute to the European Green Deal with lightweight technology as an enabler as input to policy decision on a strategical level. ELN Conferences are arranged yearly to promote sustainable multidisciplinary lightweighting innovation in many industrial sectors simultaneously in Europe.

Podiumsdiskussion auf der JEC World in Paris
V. l.: Dirk Vogel (RKW Sachsen), Pedro Mimoso (PIEP – Innovation in Polymer Engineering), Thomas Hipke (Fraunhofer IWU), Cecilia Ramberg (RISE Research Institute of Sweden), Martin Zottler (Business Upper Austria), Rene Adam (FACC), Ricardo del Valle Zermeño (Bax & Company) diskutierten die zahlreichen Potenziale von Leichtbau in Europa © FOUCHA-MUYARD

Lightweight Made in Europe

Challenges and Opportunities


During JEC World 2023 at the end of April, A2LT participated as representative of the European Lightweight Association (ELA) together with representatives of the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance (ELCA) in the panel discussion „Lightweight Made In Europe: Challenges and Opportunities“.


De&Remanufacturing for Circular Economy Investments in the Composite Industry


30 europäische Partner aus Italien, Finnland, Österreich, Spanien, Slowenien, Belgien und Portugal arbeiten im Rahmen des EU-fianzierten DeremCo-Projekts zusammen, das im Dezember 2022 gestartet wurde. 

EUREKA Lightweighting Call
EUREKA Lightweighting Call © unsplash/Lenny Kuhn

EUREKA Lightweighting Call


Lightweighting is an economic heavyweight and key to climate protection. Lightweighting is also a strategic research and innovation topic.

 from left to right: Freek de Bruijn, Jean Pierre Heijster, Wolfgang Seeliger, Laure, Carsten Lies, Eric Pierrejean, Cécile Bedouet, Ricardo del Valle, Aitor Hornés, Emma Arussi, Lena Wollbeck
At this year's JEC World in Paris, the future cooperation of ELA and ELCA was sealed to strengthen lightweight technology in Europe. Image: from left to right: Freek de Bruijn, Jean Pierre Heijster, Wolfgang Seeliger, Laure, Carsten Lies, Eric Pierrejean, Cécile Bedouet, Ricardo del Valle, Aitor Hornés, Emma Arussi, Lena Wollbeck © Sébastien D‘Halloy

Strong partnership for European lightweight technology


Cooperating alliances for lightweight technology: The European Lightweight Association (ELA) and the European Lightweight Clusters Alliance (ELCA) have decided to work together. Both European lightweight clusters are united by the common goal of giving the enormous economic and ecological potential of lightweight technology more visibility in politics, business and science at European, national and regional level. In addition, complementary expertises of work form the basis for the future partnership, from which European lightweight technology can optimally benefit.

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