3rd ELN Conference Stockholm 8-9 June 2023

3rd ELN Conference Executive Report
3rd ELN Conference Executive Report © European Lightweighting Network


The overall goal of the European Lightweighting Network (ELN) is to contribute to the European Green Deal with lightweight technology as an enabler as input to policy decision on a strategical level. ELN Conferences are arranged yearly to promote sustainable multidisciplinary lightweighting innovation in many industrial sectors simultaneously in Europe.

On 8–9 June 2023, 78 participants from 10 European countries gathered in Stockholm, Sweden to participate in the 3rd ELN Conference. They were all invited because they have a national mandate from their respective countries to discuss common lightweight development in Europe. Sweden hosted the conference upon invitations by the governments of Germany and Austria. The conference was organised by SIP LIGHTer – the Swedish Strategic Innovation Program for Lightweight and RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden.

Three specific goals were achieved at the 3rd ELN Conference:

  • The key components of a European lightweight strategy are now described, anchored, and further developed (see next page) with an updated activity plan.
  • ELN is expanded. Now eight countries participate in the working group: Germany, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Poland.
  • Host countries for the two upcoming ELN conferences are appointed. ELN 2024 is held in Belgium. Spain will host ELN 2025.

Next on the agenda is the opening of joint national and international funding possibilities. The effort to develop the research roadmap is still on-going, as well as discussions to establish a lightweighting hub in Brussels.

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