European Lightweight Association

A network of lightweight networks

The European Lightweight Association aims to strengthen the competitive position of its member businesses and aspires to build a pan-European common position in Lightweighting Technology. With the combined strength of all its regions it will allow small and medium-sized enterprises, but also larger corporations, to compete successfully in the global market.

The collaboration within the ELA broadens access to customers, technologies and best practices for all members’ Businesses and Research Institutions within the European regions.

At the same time, ELA constitutes a powerful basis to make the public aware of the benefits of Lightweighting for Commerce and Climate protection. Lightweight technology is not only estimated to provide a multi-billion Euro market for businesses, but can also contribute to climate protection, ensuring a brighter future for coming generations.

ELA strives to greatly support the Green Deal of European Union and is intent on making political decision-makers aware of this contribution.